So you’ve got back pain, or get back pain – it’s a real problem. It can be a niggly ache after spending 20 minutes bending forwards in the garden or driving. It can be a catchy pain when you stand up from a chair or roll over in bed. It can be a sharp grabbing pain when you go to twist making you scared to move. It can stiffness and soreness when you get out of bed in the morning. It might be a nagging ache after standing for a while. It may have started last week and you’re not sure what to do or maybe you have a stack of x-rays in a cupboard because back pain has plagued you for years.


The reality is that back pain affects lives. It can make getting out of bed in the morning an unpleasant experience.Work days become a real grind. It makes doing jobs around the house really hard or even impossible. It can make you reluctant to do up your kids shoe laces or play in the back yard with your grandchildren. It can disrupt that good night’s sleep that you really need. It can go as far as affecting relationships because it’s not fun being in pain. Back pain can stop you moving freely and from doing the things you love. It can be awful.


It’s amazing that we can put a man on the moon and surgeons can perform incredible lifesaving surgeries - yet something as seemingly simple as back pain can be tricky to treat. This is because there are a number of things that can be the primary cause of back pain.It can be due to injury to a spinal joint, low back muscle, nerve root, soft tissue or due to poor control of movement or even due to changes in the nervous system and brain. The reality is that back pain is likely to be caused by a combination of these things. To complicate the matter further the brain is always involved in pain and no two people’s brains are the same!


Sounds complicated right? Well the good thing is we have got a new system that we want to share with you. It’s called THE THREE STEPS TO NO BACK PAIN SYSTEM and its going to help you understand why we can get back pain, provide strategies to reduce back pain and suggest what exercise can help.


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