Group Exercise Therapy

Our group exercise therapy classes provide many types of low impact exercises that are great for improving posture, strength, flexibility and for rehabilitating injuries. At Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness our physiotherapists run equipment based classes in our very own rehabilitation studio. Classes are suitable for all ages and experience levels. Exercises are performed in a variety of postures including supine (on your back), side lie, kneeling, all fours and standing. Our rehabilitation studio has reformers and a trapeze table, we also use small equipment such as chi balls, theraband, pulleys, foam rollers, dumbbells and kettle bells. These smaller pieces of equipment are often used to make the exercises more challenging as you become fitter and stronger. To maintain the benefits you get from our group exercise therapy classes, we show you exercises you can do at home too! If you want to reduce niggly pain, low back ache, stiff joints, improve posture and feel energised then Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness classes are for you.