The team at Fleurieu Physio are very excited to be leading the way in SA for the management of Parkinson’s Disease, becoming the first PD Warrior licensed facility in South Australia.

What is PD Warrior & how does it help?

PD Warrior is a rehabilitation program that is designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease to help slow the progression of PD symptoms. PD Warrior uses specific, high intensity exercises to increase the brain’s natural ability to protect itself by creating more efficient neural pathways. These neural pathways are responsible for movement, so if the pathways are more efficient, it helps people with PD move more freely. Research shows that the PD Warrior program can not only improve movement in Parksinon’s Disease, it can also help to improve confidence and self-efficacy, both of which are essential components in supporting long-term management of a progressive disease.

Traditional physiotherapy in Parkinson’s Disease has focused on teaching people movement strategies to compensate for their symptoms, rather than treating the primary source of the symptoms. PD Warrior uses specific exercises to train the brain to re-wire itself and protect remaining dopamine producing cells, thereby treating a primary cause of PD, not just the symptoms.

Is PD Warrior for you?

PD Warrior is a unique therapy approach that will assist people with mild to moderate Parkinson’s Disease. PD clients require a thorough initial physiotherapy consultation to help determine a specific exercise approach for you – this comes from an understanding of what type of Parkinson’s you have, what activities are a problem and what goals you (the client) has.

Ideally PD Warrior is most effective if delivered in the early stages of the disease. Clients with mild – moderate PD can still experience benefits from the program, however, results may be slower. PD Warrior remains in direct contrast to traditional management and we know that taking medication is not enough. We want to see you early, work you hard and help you set up a plan to keep exercising for a long time to come.

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How do I get into the PD Warrior program?

If you have Parkinson’s Disease (or know someone who does), you need to book in for an initial physiotherapy consultation with our PD Warrior trained Physiotherapist Stuart. Stuart will take a thorough subjective and objective assessment and together you will formulate a treatment management plan. You may then require several 1:1 physiotherapy sessions with Stuart so an appropriate exercise routine can be formulated. Once an exercise routine has been formed, Stuart will refer you into our PD Warrior Group. Our small group class runs for an hour each week and is a great opportunity to work hard, whilst also having a laugh and chat with other PD clients. For more information on our fee structure & PD Warrior timetable, please give us a call on 85287650 or send an email.

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