Shoulder Pain


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One of the most common reasons people come to Fleurieu Physiotherapy and Wellness is because they have shoulder pain.


The shoulder is a ball and socket joint. The socket is relatively small and shallow whilst the ball is large. This allows the shoulder to have a big range of movement in lots of directions. There are four main muscles which help to hold the shoulder joint together, these muscles are called the rotator cuff. Due to the shoulders large range of movement, complicated biomechanics and the amount it is used in everyday activities it can be prone to injury and pain.


Shoulder pain can occur quickly due to an incident such as throwing a ball, lifting something or after a knock playing sport. Shoulder pain can also come on slowly particularly after repetitive activity or after years of using your shoulders. Often people report getting shoulder pain when they lift their arm to put clothes on the washing line, reach their hand behind their back or that the shoulder can ache at night when lying on it. Other symptoms can include weakness when lifting or that the shoulder feels unstable. Shoulder pain really can impact on people’s ability to work, play sport, do jobs around the house and sleep.


Due to the complexity of the shoulder joint a thorough examination is vital to guide an effective treatment regime. The examination process is also important because sometimes pain in the shoulder can actually be referred from the neck. Physiotherapists at Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness ask all about your shoulder symptoms and then undertake a structured physical examination of the shoulder. All of this information is then combined to give a diagnosis. It is this diagnosis that then allows an effective treatment program to be designed for you. Treatment always includes education as understanding what is causing your shoulder problem really assists in recovery. Often the first part of shoulder rehabilitation includes massage, dry needling and joint mobilisation techniques to reduce pain and improve movement. Then corrective exercises are often integrated into treatments to improve shoulder biomechanics and muscle strength. This combination can both reduce pain, regain shoulder movement and shoulder muscle strength to get you back to the activities you enjoy as quickly as possible.


To get your shoulder moving pain free again contact Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness to book an appointment.