Neck Pain

NECK PAIN - Fleurieu Physiotherapy Goolwa Physiotherapist


Neck pain can occur due to injury to the neck joints and or neck soft tissues. This can happen following moving your neck into an unusual position, poor posture over time or even just having slept in a funny position. Symptoms may include stiff and achey neck muscles, a sharp pain when you turn your neck, pain spreading to the shoulder or arm and even pain in the shoulder blade area.


Many activities we do on a daily basis result in poor posture and therefore put our neck under unnecessary strain. People commonly report getting neck pain after sitting at a computer all day, driving long distances, feeling stressed or simply when turning the neck.


Physiotherapy is an excellent treatment option to reduce neck pain. At Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness we undertake a thorough verbal and physical examination to identify what is the main cause. This allows our Physiotherapists to treat your neck pain effectively often using a combination of joint mobilisation or manipulation, dry needling, massage and taping. We also prescribe exercises where appropriate to self-treat your neck, improve posture and restore neck movement. If you have neck pain book now so you can better quicker, and get back to doing the things you love.