Hip Pain


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Hip pain is something that Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness physiotherapists feel confident in treating because they see it a lot.


Symptoms that can indicate that pain is coming from the hip joint can be pain in the groin or stiffness with walking or squatting. Pain on the outside of the hip can often be caused by a bursa or unhealthy tendons on the side of the hip.This pain can often be experienced when lying on the painful side or when taking your first few steps after sitting down. These problems can make walking uncomfortable and sleeping difficult.


At Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness our physiotherapists undertake a detailed assessment including asking all about your problem and doing physical tests on and around the hip. This is important because pain around the hip can also be referred from the low back. A combination of the information discovered from this assessment process allows a diagnosis to be made. The diagnosis is then thoroughly explained so that you understand what is causing your pain. A treatment plan specific to you is then implemented. Treatments can include hip joint mobilisation techniques, dry needling, massage and exercise. Your physiotherapist will guide you through this process to improve your pain and get you moving better as quickly as possible.


Many people who have tried other treatments such as injections and medication can get significant improvement by undertaking a physiotherapy treatment program so contact Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness to schedule an appointment.