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Headaches often arise from joint disorders in the neck and muscle tension around the neck and upper back. Many people with neck related headaches experience pain in the back of the head, around the temples, behind the eyes or into the forehead. Sometimes moving the neck or maintaining certain postures can make it better or worse and this may be a good indicator that your neck is involved. If the neck is involved, Physiotherapy can provide long lasting relief.


At Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness our Physiotherapists undertake a thorough verbal and physical examination of your neck to determine the cause of your headaches. This thorough examination process is important as it allows our Physiotherapists to establish whether your neck is involved in your headaches. If the neck is not involved you would be referred to your Doctor to ensure you get appropriate treatment.


Along with neck joint disorders and muscle tension around the neck, stress, lack of sleep and poor posture can also contribute to headaches. At Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness we aim to address all factors involved in your headaches. Education together with treatment techniques focused on the neck can be highly effective. These treatment techniques include neck joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, dry needling and exercises to improve your neck posture. Our Physiotherapists listen to every client and take pride in teaching strategies to help prevent headaches from recurring. If you want fast, long-term headache relief book online today.