Back Pain

Back Pain Fleurieu Physiotherapy Goolwa Physiotherapist


Niggly aches or sharp pain in your low back? Scared to move? Stiff and sore mid back? If any of these sound familiar and are stopping you moving freely you are one of thousands of people who suffer from some form of back pain. At Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness we see lots of people with back pain, making it the most common problem we treat. This means you are in good hands.


Our staff have extensive experience in assessing and treating back injuries using a variety of different tests to work out the cause of YOUR pain, because not all back pain is the same. We understand everyone is different which is why Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness offer individually tailored treatment plans. Physiotherapy treatment varies depending on the cause of the back pain. Treatment will include education so that you can understand what is happening and may also involve physiotherapy techniques like joint mobilisation or manipulation, dry needling, massage, taping and when appropriate, exercises to get you stronger and moving better.


Physiotherapy treatment can help you get rid of your pain quickly and assist you in getting back to the activities you enjoy and want to do.