Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Exercises

15 Oct Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Exercises

Certain exercises can help to speed up the recovery process of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. It’s a good idea to incorporate exercises into your daily routine to reduce the chance of CTS reoccurring. In this weeks blog post we show you some simple exercises you can do to help with CTS.

1.Tendon gliding exercises. These will help to get the forearm tendons gliding in the carpel tunnel better, therefore reducing swelling in the carpel tunnel. We suggest repeating each exercise 5-10 times and doing them 2-3 times per day

2.Wrist range of motion exercises. These will help to reduce stiffness in the wrist joint and tension of surrounding muscles, allowing the tendons and median nerve to glide better. Aim to repeat each exercise 5-10times 2-3times per day.

3.Median nerve glides. These will get the median nerve moving in the carpel tunnel more comfortably, thereby reducing irritation and swelling of the nerve. It is important that this exercise is done pain free so it doesn’t ‘set the nerve off’. We suggest slowly building up the number of repetitions and sets you do, as guided by your physiotherapist.

*Note: Fleurieu Physiotherapy & Wellness always recommend having a physiotherapy assessment done prior to commencing any exercises, to ensure the exercises are appropriate for your symptoms. For more information or to make a booking, please phone 8528 7650.

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